What We Do & Why

Empower3d provides the modern athlete with the tools, resources, and network to excel in the business world. We develop workshops and seminars covering a range of business and finance topics for individual athletes, college athletic programs, professional teams, leagues, unions and other sports organizations.

We help athletes build their network by connecting them with some of the most respected and experienced business leaders in the world.

We are not financial advisors. We don’t manage money. We don’t take commissions. Our lane is simple and straightforward -- we provide athletes with unbiased, unfiltered, honest information so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

What others are saying:

“For the first time in my 6 years in the G-League, I noticed players taking more of an active interest in their finances.  They asked more questions and I think began to see the power of being informed. We had players start new businesses, continue to build on existing ones, become homeowners for the first time, and take more of an active role in the use of various investment vehicles. When we talked about what was different this year, the consistent response was the impact that Mike had in providing real, useful information. He quickly built a trust with our players and consistently showed them ways in which they could proactively begin to shape the financial future they want to have.  His follow-up with the players throughout the year demonstrated a genuine care and passion for this type of work, and I am excited to build on this opportunity in the future."
                                                            -- Jon Phelps, GM of the Grand Rapids Drive (G-League)

Why Empowered

The opportunities for athletes have evolved, but the systems of support and education have not. Every athlete, at all levels, has unique and finite opportunities to connect with and learn from business leaders across the world. We facilitate these opportunities in a safe, honest and confidential space. By learning to leverage your now, you’ll be ready to maximize your tomorrow.